Michal Malka Ben Menahim

Michal Ben Menahim Realtor


Mangrove Realty, Inc.

55 S.E. 2nd Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33444

"Michal" Malka Ben Menahim is originally from Israel, but has been living and working in California and Florida for most of her professional life. She now resides in Boca Raton, Florida and is actively selling real estate to customers all over the world.

Michal has many years of experience in Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Design, Construction and Real Estate. Michal's expertise is of great value to her real estate customers. She helps them envision, acquire, build, design and sell all types of real estate properties.

Michal is internationally known and loves to assist overseas and local investors with buying properties and land in South Florida. She is multi-lingual, and has a wide network of customers around the globe. Her passion is to help investors identify cash flowing properties in Florida. Michal also enjoys working with builders by finding them land parcels for their new projects.

When not busy selling real estate, Michal loves being a mother and giving back to her community.

Michal's Investment Picks: